Decorate Your Tuscan Villa With Venetian Plaster

We do Venetian plastering work in Churchville, Haverford & Holland, PA and nationwide

Originating in Mesopotamia and popularized in ancient Rome, Venetian plaster has been used to decorate everything from cathedrals to private residences. Today, Venetian plastering work is often done in Tuscan-style properties.

For over 30 years, the owner of Artistic Impressions Decorative Painting in Churchville, PA has kept this decorating technique alive in the United States. Call 215-397-8962 now to take advantage of our Venetian plastering expertise.

The process starts with a consultation

Once we take a look at your property, we can help you select colors that will complement your interior décor. From there, we will...

  • Repair any damage to your decorative moldings
  • Apply Venetian plaster to your desired surfaces
  • Apply a glossy, matte or organic textured finish
  • Return as needed to touch up your plastered surfaces
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