Gilding Your Surfaces Will Give Them Unsurpassed Elegance

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Applying gold leaf (gilding) to surfaces has been done for millennia, all over the world. From ceilings to furniture, gold leaf can be added to practically any surface. Although there are few gilding experts in the United States these days, you've been fortunate to find one based in Churchville, PA.

The owner of Artistic Impressions Decorative Painting helps property owners nationwide add a sophisticated touch to their homes and workplaces. Call 215-397-8962 now to learn more about our gilding services.

Gilded surfaces always convey luxury

Due to the steep cost of gold leaf, gilding surfaces isn't done on a whim. You'll certainly make a statement by having surfaces covered with...

  • Gold leaf or various alloys - available in a full spectrum of colors
  • Imitation gold leaf or Dutch metal - made of copper and zinc, which produces a wide range of color effects
  • Copper leaf - offers a practically limitless array of patina possibilities
  • Silver leaf - available in several patina variations
  • Aluminum leaf - a versatile alternative to silver leaf

Once you've selected your desired material, hire us to add a sophisticated touch to your space.