Venetian plastering offers a vintage ‘old world’ layered look that is actually results in a smooth, durable and lustrous finish. Artistic Impressions Decorative Painting offers this classic yet versatile décor alternative that adds refinement and character to any living space and work location in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding regions.

Timeless Décor

With origins rooted in ancient Europe, the use of Venetian plaster as a modern décor and design alternative has steadily increased and produced remarkable effects with a wide range of almost limitless possibilities. Artistic Impressions Decorative Painting offers a variety of natural plaster designs from the highly lustrous, to subtle and elegant matte textures that can be adapted to any decor. The natural durability and flexibility of Venetian Plaster applications provide both practical and creative advantages commercial or residential homes and businesses looking for fresh decorative painting ideas and services in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Organic Venetian Plaster

Made up of a pure lime and natural marble and sand additives, Venetian Plaster is naturally mold resistant, easily adaptable and a frequent choice over traditional wall treatments, including drywall and vinyl. The skilled craftsmen at Artistic Impressions can apply Venetian Plastering techniques over a pre-existing interior wall or ceiling and additional services that include:

  • Repair existing moldings
  • Restore frameworks
  • Color match any existing surface
  • Survey and consultation
  • Design and installation
  • Cleaning and restoration
  • Follow up maintenance service

Finest Quality Products

Artistic Impression Decorative Painting uses only the finest quality products to create interior or exterior textured designs that range from the classic to contemporary, and any nuance in between. With our vast array of styles, colors and textures, and 40 years of experience in the field we can help you choose the finish that perfectly reflects the uniqueness of your Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas home or business.

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