Artistic Impressions Decorative Painting includes exclusive services from qualified gilding experts in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Our gold leaf, aluminum, sliver leaf, copper, imitation gold and metal gilding applications incorporate a range of specialized ornamentation techniques that will add beauty and distinction to any residential or commercial location.

Creating a Uniquely Artistic Impression

No other finish can equal the exquisite beauty of authentic gold leaf and the skilled application of metal and patina finishes. Our master artisans can meet the highest demand for quality with customized services tailored to your specifications. The skillful combination of metal or gold leaf with various alloys allows for a superb color effect that we guarantee will significantly enhance and preserve your exterior architecture or add substantial beauty to an interior space. Karats and weights are carefully measured to produce a diverse range of finishes that include:

Gold Leaf - Available in variety of alloys to produce your selection from a full spectrum of magnificent colors.

Copper Leaf - Offers an array of limitless patina possibilities

Aluminum Leaf – Versatile, this is an excellent substitute for silver

Silver Leaf – a wide choice of patina variations

Imitation Gold leaf or Dutch metal – a copper and zinc combination that offers a range of color effects.

Contemporary and Classic Gilded Finishes

Create a timeless effect with a traditional patina, which may also incorporate a modern edge, with the skilled craftsman at Artistic Impressions Decorative Painting in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas to bring your artistic visons to life. Offering extensive experience and endless creativity, our master artisan provides authentic gilding applications and designs for wood, stone, metal, or plaster surfaces. Regular painting techniques could never match the remarkable results achieved with our age-old techniques that incorporate today’s quality products with a uniquely contemporary touch.

Furniture and kitchen cabinet upgrades

Being professionals with 40 years of experience, we know not only how to beautify a wall, we also know how to bring the most out of your current cabinetry and furniture. If you have any questions about this or any other service we provide please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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